Our clients represent a broad range of industries and risks. Protector’s portfolio includes the following business clients:

  • SMB Norge (formerly Bedriftsforbundet): A Norwegian advocacy organisation for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with over 3000 members. Protector provides the full spectrum of insurance to SMB Norge: personal, property, liability and motor).
  • PostNord: Protector insures all services and administration vehicles for this logistics client in Sweden and Denmark.
  • Health authorities: Protector provides building insurance to South/East Norway Regional Health Authority, Western Norway Regional Health Authority and Central Norway Regional Health Authority. 


How do you become a client with Protector?

All sales are handled through our selected insurance brokers. Protector has broad and strong collaboration with these brokers, and a substantial proportion of our portfolio is channelled through the largest, market-leading brokerages in Scandinavia and the UK.

Our promise to insurance brokers and clients is that we are easy to deal with, commercially attractive and credible.

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