Falling sick with Coronavirus while on travel is eligible as reimbursable under Protector’s travel insurance. Exceptions are valid for the risk areas identified as per list below.

If you are healthy and are put into quarantine as a consequence of suspected Coronavirus infection, related extra costs incurred are not all automatically covered under your travel insurance. If the insured person him/herself is diagnosed with Corona and ends up in quarantine, costs in relation to the disease itself as well as possible expenses incurred as a result of the interruption of the journey shall be compensated for under the travel insurance.

This travel insurance does not cover the cost of travel cancellation or interruption which have its ground in the conditions at the travel destination. For example, if your travel destination is Italy and you would not like to travel to the destination because of the fear of risk of infection with Coronavirus, you may want to ask your travel provider or other service provider for the possibility of moving your travel destination or cancelling your trip overall.

This travel insurance does also not cover the changes made to the itinerary in order to prevent risk of infection with Coronavirus (concerns both earlier travel return home as planned or flight cancellations in relation to the travel changes).

Should the airline or the travel provider have cancelled the trip from their side, please do get directly in touch with the customer service of either of the two.

Risk areas

Cover under the travel insurance is not valid in a country or region for which the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has put in place recommendations to either avoid travelling to these destinations to start with or to order to leave the country / region as quickly as possible. These recommendations in form of restrictions shall not apply to:

-          if the insured has arrived in the before mentioned country or region before the issuance of the recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ten days from the date of issuance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ recommendation, except in cases of major war or involvement of the insured in war or armed conflict or any other military activity.

-          If the insured’s travel sickness or accident is not caused by any of the reasons as mentioned in the recommendations of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Due to the corona virus pandemic, the situation and restrictions may change suddenly and unpredictably. Therefore, publications on the matter should be monitored regularly from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. 

You may find the latest publications via link below

Travel information by Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland 


(Unofficial translation, original version in Finnish prevails)